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Posted by Echo Sierra On August - 2 - 2013 1 Comment

It has been weeks since I have not written on Echo Sierra. Indeed, I am working 7 to 8 hours a day on a computer as part of my job and I lack the motivation to focus at home on another computer, thus I have been dramatically less productive over the last weeks.


I am now on holidays, but there will not be any article published on Echo Sierra in August. I will be enjoying a one month trip overseas before starting a one-year training period on the 2nd of September. I have past the “Institut Regional d’Administration” competitive exam. This exams enables the selected applicants to join a State school that trains executive officers of the French civil service. On leaving this school and depending on their marks, trainees can apply to different positions, ranging form executive in a college to programme officer in a Ministry. The goal is to obtain the best marks to choose interesting positions in ministries, but I intend to save time to write for Echo Sierra more often than I did in the past months.


Fully Packed

Fully Packed

I will however spend the month of August trekking in Central Asia. The goal of the trek is to rest my mind, replenish my batteries and discover a famous mountain range.  

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